About Us

Dubai Film has the expertise to service any and all productions, be it films, documentaries, television, online or branded content, in 3 main areas:

Firstly, as a fully-customizable, specialized equipment rentals company, including employing the region’s very best operators. Secondly, as a full-service production partner constantly on the lookout for the most up-to-date technical expertise, locations and creative talent, and finally, as the regions foremost authority and supplier of UAE-based stock footage.

Our relentless passion for crafting compelling stories is the reason behind the company’s unmatched and uncompromising investment into the very best creative, production and technical talent, as well as, the latest and best specialized equipment, all in the pursuit to successfully convert imagination into unforgettable images and movies.

Our production services extend way beyond just simple filming, we push the limits of imagination to make your very dreams a reality. No terrain is out of our domain, be it land, air or water, our highly-skilled team of technical experts have the unique ability to translate the impossible into a fully-customized solution.


Meet Our Team

  • Omar Al Salman

    General Manager

    The man behind the wheels! Heading a highly efficient team of more than 35 creative professionals.

  • Irene Proimos


    The Game changer! From budgeting & scheduling to finding the right location, Irene has the eye for it all

  • Gerry Blaksley

    Creative Director / Director

    The mastermind! His creativity & artistry transforms your wildest imagination and dreams, into extraordinary cinematic reality.

  • Imaad Siddiq

    Rentals Manager

    As a Rentals Manager his job is to assist with the co-ordination of work, and the scheduling of the technical and creative services personnel responsible for completing it.

  • Michael Dix 

    Heads Of Grips Department

    The Key Grip supervising and foreseeing any and all technical requirements in the camera, grips and lighting department

  • Andrew Gribble

    Key Grip

    The mastermind and Dubai Legend! His complex knowledge of camera’s, lighting, grips and fabrication can jump any hurdle in depicting the perfect scene

  • Richard Forrest

    Head of Camera Department

    The Hawk Eye! His vigilant insights and technical prowess can (and have) captured the best ideas – from land, seas and sky!

  • Suffian Al Mebayed

    Special Projects Manager

    Beware the mind reader. From planning and executing a challenging project, he can get it done. Before you can say it, he can provide it

  • Abdullah Ali Alfalamarzi

    Logistics & Location Manager

    A friend for all! Our go-to man for anything location and logistics. If you have a location in mind, Abdulla’s your guy

  • Eduardo Munouz

    Head of Post Production

    Offline, online and colour grade, Edu’s the master of all. An avid storyteller by heart, your project will come alive with his magic tough

  • Ziryab Al-Ghaberi

    Director of Photography

    The captivator! With an eye for epic time-lapse and a love for beauty shots, his ability to capture a moment in time will leave you affixed. His showreel reads like a testament to poetry in motion

  • Joseph Hutson

    Specialist DOP & Camera Op

    The one-man army! With his expertise as a director, cinematographer, editor, storyboard artist and creative writer, Joseph holds the vision from start to end. 

  • Mohammed Nawaz

    Dubai360 / VR Content Creator

    Nawaz represent Dubai’s foremost authority on 360degree photography, timelapse, hyperlapse and videography. From shoot to stitch, he does it all.

    Visit www.dubai360.com for more

  • Steele Stride

    Camera Op

    There is nothing our guy Steele cannot shoot, rig or operate. Whether aerials, tracking shots, underwater or land, he will roll on the action – pick a camera, he’s worked it

  • Fairoos Mohammed

    Drone Pilot & Technician

    Our very own DCAA-registered drone pilot. If it can fly, he can pilot it. His technical ability leaves nothing to chance.  

  • Mohammed Riyas

    Digital Imaging Technician & IT

    Riya’s, a master IT guru,  is unmatched in Dubai with the duty of wrangling data, transcoding and ensuring all footage is delivered to the editor in it very best format 

  • Michael Essey


    The Producer we lovingly call “Mickey Hollywood” for his extensive and undisputed cinematic knowledge and flamboyant Hollywood-esque approach to all projects

  • Zolt Toth

    Dubai360 / VR Content Creator

    Along woth Nawaz, Zolt also represent Dubai’s foremost authority on 360degree photography, timelapse, hyperlapse and videography. From shoot to stitch, he does it all.

    Visit www.dubai360.com for more

  • Sajeev Sundaresan


    The master smith and builder. For any and all your grips and rigging requirements, no matter how beyond imagination, Sajeev is the man that makes it happen

  • Rahib Chembankandy

    Best Boy Grip 

    The man behind the key grips. The ultimate support to the best grip team in the UAE.

  • Mike Eslava

    Camera Assistant

    There is not a single piece if camera equipment in the entire Dubai Film stores that Mike has not handled, built or worked with. For any and all rentals, Mike is the guys to speak to

  • Jomari Barbosa

    Grip Assistant 

    Along with Rahib, Jomari is the superman behind the grips department. The ultimate support to the best grip team in the UAE.

  • Alwyn Fabregas


    Our behind-the-scenes master cutter and storyteller. From offline to online and final delivery, Alwyn will make it happen fast and efficiently. 

  • Humera Ali

    Office Administration 

    The woman behind the production team that glues it all together. With our Humera behind the team, things happen faster, cheaper and better. 

  • Quresh Gohria


    Need we say more… The money man behind Dubai Film