Nikon Prime Lenses

Nikon 24-70mm, Nikon 14-24mm, Nikon 17-35, Nikon 70-200 Another popular add-on is a ‘fast’ prime lens with a wide aperture rating – ideal for blurring the background in portraiture. And talking of picture quality, the Nikon prime lenses are the ultimate choice for certain specialised interests.

Nikon Zoom Lenses

Nikon 24mm, Nikon 50mm, Nikkor 24mm, Nikkor 35mm, Nikkor 50mm If its Nikon you prefer, Dubai Film offer an extensive range of telephoto zoom and ultra-wide-angle lenses for your preferred photographic desire.

Canon Prime Lenses

Canon 14mm. Canon 15mm Canon 24mm. Canon 35mm. Canon 50mm. Canon 65mm. Canon 100mm. Offering supreme sarpness and low- light perfomance, our Canon prime lenses will have you creating beautifull portraiture whether it be for photography or video.

Canon Zoom Lenses

Canon 11-24mm, Canon 16-35mm, Canon 17-40mm, Canon 24-70mm, Canon 70-200mm. Dubai Film offers a wide range of Canon EF L-series zoom lenses with superb optical performance throughout the zoom range, whether you’re shooting photography or video