Aquatech 5D Splash Housing

Water housing designed to work with the Canon 5D mk III / 5Ds / 5DsR. The Elite 5D. The Elite 5D Housing is extremely light and maneuverable when using it with the one handed pistol grip and remote trigger. The housing comes with a wide variety of lens and accessory options.

Aquatech 1D Splash Housing

Camera Water Housing designed for the Canon 1Dx mkII, 1Dx & Canon 1Dc. The Delphin 1D is the lightest sports Housing for a professional DSLR on the market with control over all major camera functions. This allows you to shoot from angles and locations below or above water that would normally be very difficult to achieve.

Subal 5D MKiii Dive Housing

With the SUBAL CD5s for the Canon EOS 5Ds, EOS 5Ds R and EOS 5D Mark III offers so an aluminum housing for the latest development of the compact full-frame SLRs from Canon, SUBAL without restrictions in the angle! There is no limit to the creativity of the underwater photographers.

Gates GT14 Underwater LED Lights

Neutrally buoyant with a blazing 6000 lumen output. These lights were developed in collaboration between Gates and Subaqua Imaging Systems whose expertise breached all barriers in size / efficiency / light output. The VL24 is suitable for broadcast / cinema and un-tethers professional cameramen from surface supplied lighting. The 6000 lumen output make them an essential tool for large sensor …

Apollo Underwater Scooter

Enjoy the smooth acceleration from Dubai Films underwater scooters. The New Apollo “AV-2 Evolution 2″ Underwater Propulsion Vehicle is built for serious underwater explorers.

Nikonos RS R-UW AF Len’s

18mm, 20-35mm, 13mm Fisheye, 50 mm Dubai Films underwater department offers a range of Nikonos RS R-UW AF Nikonos lenses which portray the optical excellence in underwater photography/videography

GATES – Sony F55 housing

Designed for the Sony F55 housings this setup is ideal for digital cinema and broadcast TV and works with AXS-R5 Recorder giving you 16-bit 4K recording. Offers full camera and lens control. Supports PL and Canon mount lenses.

GATES Deep Weapon Housing

Campatible with DSMC2 RED Weapon Monstro, Helium, Gemini, Dragon X as well as all DSMC1 Cameras, combined with a wide range of Prime and Zoom lenses.

GATES – Alexa Mini Housing

Specifically designed for the ARRI ALEXA Mini camera, the Gates MINI is a deeply integrated marine imaging system, blurring the lines between housing and camera. Twelve user-assignable controls interface directly with the ARRI Mini allowing acces to frequently used functions.

GATES- Flex 4k Housing

Designed specifically for the Phantom Flex 4K camera. Designed for Fast action sequences like animal predation and action sports. features include remote run / stop and full camera menu access with Focus, Iris and Zoom controls. Available with PL, Canon and Nikon Mount Lenses.